Health Impacts of Lip Fillers for a Long Time


She had done her lips done twice and after that, she had some chin filler inside when she was suggested from the doctor to improve the shape of her face. As she had big lips and receding chin, she was suggested filler that can bring the chin forward and enhance her face. She is really satisfied with the results and just loving it. People are saying she is looking really good and has lost her weight.

Surprisingly, both men and women are being treated with beauty injectables as they perform a haircut or manicure which is said to be a regular and an inconsequential part of the grooming rule. The inexperienced practitioners use unregulated fillers that can cause numbness, blindness, frozen faces and death.

But, when you are getting treated from an experienced practitioner, using a TGA-regulated injectable, should be used for these procedures. This kind of treatments has became popular in the recent times and you can now understand the potential long-term health implications of using these injectables.

Physical health risks

She had “never” been worried about probable long-term health effects. Having lip fillers means there is a suitable chance it can block the artery with a product that can dissolve the filler immediately. With Botox, you will get the chance of having muscle paralysis temporarily. It might wear off after three months and so, it means you have your eyebrow droop for some months and it will come down to the injector.

According to a research, it has been demonstrated that even after injecting Botox for beauty purposes for 20 years, there has been no long-term health issues though hyaluronic acid, also called hyaluronan is a part of normal human physiology and so it is unlikely that any long term problems might arise from HA filler injections. But there are no long-term health issues that might occur from these injectables. Though it is a fact that HA is part of normal human physiology, it does not mean that there won’t be any kind of risk.

If you are getting exposed to external concentrations for a longer time period, then this might mean you have some kind of adverse effect. Hyaluronic acid is completely natural and not likely to have effects on your immune system effects. The question that arises is “If you’re continually injecting into the basement structure, will it lead to physical disruption?” If yes, then this can be the reason for fibrosis and no treatment is completely free from its adverse effects.

In case of Botox (Botulinum toxin which is a neurotoxin, this dilution has been taken from a killer to a localised medicine). As per studies, people who have severe headaches had been injected in every 12 weeks for more than two years. It was also found that Botox use had been “safe for a reasonable amount of time”. This should be really looked into great details as it a big question to be answered.

There can be significant problem when you get infected or induce an inflammatory reaction. Permanent fillers can cause permanent internal scarring of the face and irreparable problem while semi-permanent fillers can “induce fibrosis. Though infections usually occur from temporary fillers such as HA, it might cause damage to your skin and subcutaneous fat.

Mental health risks

Temporary fillers are not carcinogenic or “anything like that” in the long-term and some people face the problem of inappropriate volumes getting injected.There aren’t sufficient medical practitioners who are willing to take up the responsibility and prevent patients from overdoing fillers. Thus, the result will be more of frozen ‘chipmunk face’ or cartoonish-looking ‘trout pout’.

You will also find practitioners who encourage as they have already developed an unclear image of your body. This will cause damage to the cheeks, lips and facial structure of people and they begin to lose their finish as well as natural animation thus, losing their attractiveness. You really need to be conservative and work with soft tissues that generally exist and do not form completely different, stretched appearance and expect that skin will appear normal afterwards.

Apart from stretching the skin, excessive use of fillers might lead to damage for a longer term along with wrinkling of lips and attachment of facial fat pads with some kind of irregularity and ageing of the skin.This compounded thing either require the injector or the patient or both for getting some kind of distorted sense of norm and lose touch with normal image of your body.The risk of injectables that can form mental health problems is generally overlooked.

Cosmetic surgery is a kind of powerful force that promotes as well as maintains narrow beauty ideal other than changing physical characteristics that have an impart on the individuality. The socio-culturally defined body is the perfect option for women and men are an important factor involved in creating and maintaining body image dissatisfaction as well as eating disorders.

The concern about lip fillers in London is less from the safety viewpoint and more from a cultural one. Your beauty is more if you can avoid wearing wrinkles on the face.

People who have balloon faces become used to their face and want more which is some kind of dysmorphia.

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