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Got Married Recently? Here’s How You Can Take Care of Your Wedding Lehenga


First of all, congratulations on your wedding. May you have a happy conjugal life. But now the celebrations have subsided, something that is naggingly concerning you is how to store of your Indian wedding dresses, without spoiling it.

Well, it may sound very tedious and challenging to keep your Indian lehenga and other outfits safe and on-point, but all you need is follow a few steps.

Check the label or consult the store from where you have brought your designer lehenga if it needs to be sent to the cleaner, or can be handled at home.

Also check if there are any loose embellishments or threads and needs to be treated by the designer or tailor. Get it fixed before sending it to wash. And after it is fixed, dry clean and steam it. Cleaning on time is required to get rid of spots, grease, dirt, and other stains.

After it has been cleaned and returned from the cleaner, fold and store your lehenga in a box, and remember to change the folds every 4-6 months. Also, if you can the day you plan to change the fold, keep it sometime in open air, away from direct sunlight. Keep butter paper between each fold, and put neem oil, lavender, clover or naphthalene in the box to keep the bugs and pests away from your lehenga box.

It should always be stored in a place away from the heat or humidity.

Scroll through the infographic below to know more in details how to take of your wedding outfit.

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