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gojek clone app

Scope for the on-demand business industry is rising. In 2022 and beyond, the industry will flourish and provide customers worldwide with a digital platform to book multiple services. The  Gojek Clone App is one such platform that offers 101+ services. It includes services like online food ordering, taxi booking, parcel delivery, service bidding, online video consultation, etc.  

Are you ready to join the industry? If yes, this blog is exactly what you need to read today! Let’s begin. 

Why Choose Gojek Clone? 

Gojek-like apps are pivotal to any on-demand multi-service business because of advantages like convenience, availability, timely delivery, etc. Here is a detailed list of all the reasons why you need to enter the on-demand app with this masterpiece. 


App users are inclined toward using an app that provides them with the utmost convenience. The multi-service app lets the customer book services in real-time and receive immediate assistance.


Users find the services more convenient and attractive when they can get everything right at their doorstep. Moreover, customers can select service providers near their location for quicker service delivery. 


The services available on the Gojek Clone App are very cost-effective. Each of the services offered on the app can be availed after conducting a thorough comparison between the prices, ratings & reviews, and portfolio of the service provider. 

Easy payment 

The app enables customers to choose a suitable payment method. The payment methods a user can opt for include online and via cash. For online payments, customers can choose to pay via credit card, in-app wallet, or mobile money.

Advanced Features of Gojek-like App

The on-demand multi-service app comes with several modern features that help you deliver service more quickly and hassle-free. Have a look at them! 

  • Live tracking order: enable your customers to live track the order via the mobile app. The customers can track the location of the delivery driver on the map. On the same screen, they can see the timeline and the estimated time of arrival. 
  • OTP verification: the Gojek Clone App has the OTP verification feature. Here, the service providers can start the task only when they enter the four-digit number sent to the customer’s phone number or email address. 
  • Video call: along with communication tools like in-app voice calling and in-app messaging, the customers can now video all the delivery/taxi drivers. 
  • COVID-19 safety features: there are several COVID-19 safety features available on the app including facemask verification, safety checklist, ride cancellation, restricted passenger limit, etc. Now, each of these features enables customers to book services online without worrying about contracting the virus.
  • Voice note instructions: voice note instructions enable the customers to record the message and upload it on the app. The delivery drivers will be able to listen to the recorded message and make delivery as per the instructions regarding parking rules, drop location, routes, etc. 

Essentials of Launching a Gojek Clone App

To kick-start your on-demand business with the multi-service app, you must look at a few essential elements. Mentioned here are the things you must consider when launching the Gojek-like app. 

Checkout the Gojek Clone Demo

Checking the demo is an essential step of the app development process because it helps the entrepreneur figure out some important decisions. The decisions you’ll be able to make after testing the demo app are related to customization requirements, integration of service and features, verifying the app quality, etc. 

Find a responsible white-labeling firm 

Another important aspect is related to finding a suitable white-labeling firm for the business. To ensure that you have chosen the right firm, follow the checklist mentioned here: 

  • They should have 1200+ pre-built apps already launched. 
  • They must have an industry experience of 10+ years. 
  • A global clientele shows that the firm is genuine.

In addition, the  Gojek Clone App developers you hire must follow a strict NDA! 

In conclusion 

The on-demand multi-service platform like the  Gojek Clone App is the best thing that can happen to your business. Why waste this opportunity when you can make more sales and earn more money? 

Grab the on-demand app solution today. Connect with Gojekclone.com the sales representatives of the white-labeling firm to know the Gojek Clone Price. We’re glad to help you to establish your startup.

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