Fix Cracked Concrete Slabs with Sidewalk Repair NYC

Sidewalk Repair NYC

Concrete is very difficult to handle sometimes. Regarding rebuilding or repairing your damaged concrete, Sidewalk Repair NYC provides professional assistance to ensure long-lasting work quality. Working with concrete is a difficult process that requires proper precision. Our professional concrete contractors provide perfect sidewalk craftsmanship and quality results matching NYC’s aesthetic appeal and weather conditions.

A concrete sidewalk is a common surface people walk on when approaching their homes and offices. Concrete is a typically used construction material for sidewalks, walkways, and other pavements. This inevitable cracking of concrete leads to long-term costs and trip hazards. Concrete is used for various constructions, even for patios, porches, slabs, or sidewalks. Over time, concrete sidewalks are damaged due to exposure to some outer elements, repeated freeze and thaw cycles, poor water drainage, and underground movements. Damaged, uneven, and sunken concrete worsens gradually every season, which may lead to soil erosion in concrete slabs. 

Common Problems in Concrete Slabs:

Concrete is a fantastic, versatile, and inexpensive construction material. That’s why concrete slabs are used for sidewalk structures to give them a strong base. Property holders use concrete slabs because it is a strong platform for any residential or work site. But these slabs get damaged with time. Why do they get damaged? Are they repairable? Commercial sidewalks depend on the way how concrete slabs are constructed. Cracks can appear from poor construction material, a poor concrete mixture, settlement, insufficient thickness, water pressure or leakage, and underground movements. Cracks and movements in concrete slabs pose problems, especially under surface coverage like tile or hardwood. These are very crucial questions cracks are inevitable due to the rigid nature of concrete. Over time, every concrete slab cracks and gets damaged. Some temperature changes, uneven drying, and shrinkage may lead to fractures in your concrete slab. Once the cracks appear, it is compulsory to seal them to restrain water seepage and further damage. Several factors can lead to substantial damage, such as deformation, shrinkage, or swelling.

Visible damages are not eyesores but can be a liability issue if left untreated. These damaged sidewalks may lead to a DOT violation notice from the NYC DOT. So before you get a notification, pay attention to the sidewalk near your home or office. If you fail to maintain your sidewalks, you may receive this violation notice. Our DOT Contractors are always here to help you with sidewalk repair, replacement or DOT violation removal.

How Sidewalk Repair NYC Helps to Repair Cracked Concrete?

Suppose you have fractured concrete slabs and need concrete sidewalk repair services. Sidewalk Repair NYC can help you with concrete crack repair using the methods mentioned below.

Cleaning and Chiseling:

The first step to repair a slab is to chisel the cracked slab. Large cracked pieces are removed by using a cold chisel or a hammer. Cutting down the old cracked pieces can help the new patching bond in an efficient and long-lasting manner. The second step is the removal of debris and dirt from the surface. Concrete slabs are also vacuumed and removed.

Applying the concrete patch:

Concrete material is applied and compacted properly so that cracks can be removed. Whatever type of concrete material is used for concrete repairs, it must be manufactured according to instructions. Therefore, apply the concrete mixture smoothly and carefully in the cracks. And must check whether the patching repair mixture has compacted well or not.

Drying and sealing of the crack:

After applying the patching mixture, some time is given to dry and cure it well. However, timing may differ depending on the material or techniques of In the end, the repairing material got dry and sealed using polyurethane. The benefit of using this compound mixture is that it dries quickly, allowing you to put on another coat quickly. For those areas that commonly suffer heavy traffic or other intense weather conditions, it is recommended to use at least 4 to 5 sealing quotes.

End Note:

Finding someone to count upon in terms of concrete repair takes a lot of work. Sidewalks are fundamental parts of any public or private property. Most sidewalks are made of concrete that needs to keep well-maintained and repaired. NYC Sidewalk Contractors  is one of the top-rated concrete repair service providers. 

If you are searching for the best workmanship for sidewalk voilation removal, sidewalk repair, sidewalk installation and replacement, or curb repair, you can rely on Concrete Contractors. Their expert contractors have practically completed foundation and sidewalk repair projects. They are licensed, verified, and bounded. Furthermore, they receive ongoing training that guarantees top-notch services at any site.



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