Eco-Friendly Packaging Alternatives: An Analysis of Kraft Boxes

The rise in demand for sustainable packaging is resulting in brands looking for packaging solutions that are eco-friendly. Kraft boxes are popular here. Kraft paper is strong in nature. Raw Kraft tends to be durable and tear resistant. It is brown in color. You can get Kraft paper board in different colors as well as shades allowing it to be really versatile. A brand can use this packaging material to show people that it follows a sustainable approach in its packaging.

The following discuses eco-friendly Kraft boxes to let you know more about this eco-friendly packaging alternative:

Eco-friendly nature

Many people choose Kraft paper because it has a sustainable manufacturing procedure. It is recyclable as well. Therefore a brand will be making a conscious effort to create sustainable boxes and passing on the responsibility to the customer who may also do this by recycling the box or opting to compost it.

But, it is important to keep in mind that if Kraft paper is to be totally degradable or compostable, it should be uncoated with any finishes. If you choose to add lamination to the Kraft packaging, this will increase the time that it will take to degrade. This is because the thin film of plastic lamination tends to not be compostable.

Durable and versatile

Custom Kraft packaging is durable also. The boxes are able to resist moisture as well as handle heat and rough handling. Therefore brands choose them to package heavy items such as electronics and even delicate products such as jewelry. The packaging is even a good option to choose for shipping along with delivery.

The packaging is versatile and you can shape it into different types of boxes. This includes rigid boxes, folding cartons, etc. This is why the packaging is good for packaging a range of products.

Design ideas for Kraft material

Use of eco-friendly ink– Kraft paper without any printing attracts, but printing on the box can help convey your brand’s message. Kraft paper is simple to print on. You can opt for water-based or even soy-based ink rather than petroleum-based ink as these choices are more eco-friendly. If you want to enhance the look of your box, you may even add extras such as foil stamping.

Kraft inserts– Custom Kraft inserts can help in keeping the products you have in the Kraft boxes in place. These can reduce the likelihood of harm occurring when shipping is happening of the product. The unwrapping experience that the customer has is a little more exciting with these.

Window box– Usually when a box has some window cut out, this window gets covered by some thin plastic film. It is possible to not use plastic by simply leaving the cut-out window uncovered. People will have more confidence in buying what you are selling when they can view it and you will still have environmentally-friendly packaging.

Tray and sleeve boxes– These boxes are helpful for lightweight products. They also give shoppers a good unboxing experience. This is with the help of the sliding tray which can elegantly show the contents within the box.

Forms of Kraft paper

There are 2 major forms of this paper. These are:

Coated Unbleached Kraft or CUK

Apart from the chemicals that one uses in the Kraft process, no “bleaching” or extra chemical addition occurs. This makes it perfect for usage. CUK is referred to as Solid Unbleached Sulfate or SUS. He has 80% virgin wood or cellulose pulp.

It is firm but without being really thick and has good tear resistance. It tends to be a delicate packaging substrate that is made of Kraft paper. The surfaces have a naturally occurring titanium dioxide-kaolin clay layer which increases smoothness and helps with printing of Kraft packaging.

Coated Recycled Board or CRB

When looking at packaging Kraft paper that one makes from CRB, this is totally recycled. Due to the fact that it is not made of virgin fiber, it possesses fewer tolerances in comparison to SBS. These types of eco-friendly Kraft boxes are cheap. This is good for applications where strong tear-strength/resistance will not be needed, such as for making cereal boxes.

The packaging is helpful to employ for any kind of industry. Kraft paper layers get added to corrugated boxes so that their robustness increases. This procedure is referred to as fluting.

Custom Kraft packaging is a helpful eco-friendly packaging alternative. These boxes are able to help a brand by making their product stand out in a store encouraging people to want to try it out. The packaging is sturdy and you can customize it so that you can make something unique which stands out. You can increase brand awareness when you add a brand logo on the packaging therefore helping people know about your brand and also the products that it sells.

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