Different Ways of Christmas Celebration in Countries

All over the world, Christmas is celebrated according to their culture and tradition. Christmas is not only meant for Christianity people but whole world celebrates it with a great spirit. For so many people it is a month-long festival that starts on November 26th and ends on January 6th with love and awesome Christmas vibes. Christmas is one of the unique festivals that unites all religion people with lots of positive connection, preparing fresh delicious cookies, wearing new clothes and visiting the nearest church or communities for prayers.


 Christmas celebration in  Australia is one of the best festival which happens in the time of summer. People celebrates the Christmas on the day of Christmas at the seashore by having awesome candlelight dinners. All the members in a family gather at a lawn on December 25th to have a great feast of so many varieties of delicious items will be a memorable moment. On the day of December 26th which is known as boxing day. Australians spent their most of the time at the beach to take a part at Hobart Yacht race.


In Spain Christmas celebrates on January 6th with lots of energetic and enthusiastic moods. And Spanish says that the three kings come present gifts for children and the families believe father Christmas will succeed their wishes. Meals on their primary holiday in Spain is ever last ever dinner, included with dishes like fish and meat in their traditional styles. During the Christmas season in Spain, so many people gathered for lottery and famously known as Christmas windfall and the lottery drawings are broadcast in radios and televisions all over the nation.


In Italy, Christmas celebrates on the first Sunday of advent. On the day of Christmas, the festive vibe started with fireworks and bonfires along with melody music. All the members in the family go to the market to shop their festive collections and gifts for the children. They decorate the Christmas tree with ever last lightnings and decors. In addition to this, Italians celebrates epiphany it is the night Befana bring presents for children. Some of the families burn yule long on Christmas fire, it burns until the new year.


All over the Netherlands, St.Nicholas eve is celebrated on December 5th. This eve is so excited for children because on this eve Santa visits Daleh homes to present gifts to the families on the occasion of Santa Claus birthday. Since the Christmas celebrations in the day of December 25th. On the occasion of Christmas people dress up with new clothes and visits church, communities and concerts in their local places. Dutch people celebrate the festival in their own and unique culture and tradition.


Germany is always been so famous for its unique and awesome way they celebrate Christmas festival. Germans families made their homemade cookies, a feast to eat and they make advent wrath of fire of pine branches at outside of their house. Bringing up a pine tree at home and decorating it with lots of flowers and décor items is one of the happy moments. Germans celebrate St.Nicholas day on the night of December 5th. On this day children wait at the doors of their houses for the presents bring by the Black Peter.


 According to Julian calendar in Russia people celebrate Christmas on January 7th due to Russian Orthodox Church rules. During the days of the soviet union, Christmas was rarely celebrated. In Russia Santa Claus is known as grandfather frost, they believe he lives deep in the forests of Russia and presents gifts for well-behaving children. On these occasion families will gather for the Holy Supper, a traditional Russian meal filled with so many dishes like vegetable pies, meats, cheeses, fish.

For having a glimpse over the different ways in which it is celebrated in different countries of the world you may also celebrate your Christmas in India. In india people also believes to celebrate this day very uniquely in every sectors & family. You can also find the decorated markets, shopping malls & places on the basis of Christmas theme. Also you can join the late night parties, DJ nights and more in every corner of India. Christmas is all about showing our gratitude to Jesus Christ.

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