Difference Between Academic and Non-Academic Writing Styles for Students

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One of the most significant components of writing is style. It’s how a writer decides to convey their perspective to a specific audience or readership. A writer’s style expresses their personality and voice to the audience. Academic and non-academic writing styles are both used for different purposes.

In many ways, the two types of writing are distinct.

This essay compares the qualities of academic and non-academic writing.

All academic writing differs from creative writing. Writing for the web is not the same as writing magazine articles.

Writing news releases on behalf of a company is not the same as keeping a journal. The reasons for writing differ. It’s critical to understand this concept before beginning any writing project.

In our guide today, we will help all the beginner writers or students who lack basic knowledge about writing understand the difference between the academic and non-academic styles.

What is Academic Writing?

Academic writing is a more formal and impersonal style for a literary readership. It relies heavily on the study, verifiable evidence, and educated researchers’ and scholars’ judgments.

Academic writing includes literary essays, research papers, dissertations, and other forms of writing.

All of these forms of works have a set format and layout that contains an introduction, thesis, a summary of the themes covered, and a well-written conclusion.

Academic writing’s primary goal is to inform the audience while delivering non-biased information and providing proof to support the writer’s claims.

Furthermore, academic writing comprises a lot of languages that are specialised in a field. Another crucial component of academic writing is citations and a list of references or sources.

Finally, the academic writing tone should be neutral and official.

A few Pointers for Academic Writing Process

  • Always speak in a formal tone. Avoid using slang or colloquialism
  • Use contractions sparingly (shortened verb forms)
  • Avoid using the first-person perspective and instead use the third-person perspective
  • Instead of asking questions, turn them into statements
  • Try to avoid overstating your essay
  • Make no broad generalities
  • Avoid repetition by being clear and concise

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What is Non-Academic Writing?

The non-academic genre encompasses all types of writing that are not academic. Pretty self-explanatory, eh? These papers are written for a general audience or the mainstream community. This writing may be subjective, impressionist, emotive, or descriptive.

The tone in non-academic writing is casual or informal. Some sorts of non-academic writing also might contain jargon.

Media articles, memoirs, online articles, private or business letters, books, websites, text messages, etc., are some forms of non-academic writing.

As opposed to academic writing, which concentrates primarily on a particular field, the subject matter of these texts is frequently broad.

In addition, the primary purpose of non-academic writing is to enlighten, entertain, or persuade the audience.

Principal difference Between the Two Styles

The primary distinction between academic and artistic writing is style. Creative writing is not required to adhere to any particular stylistic guidelines. The literary piece is distinct. Academic writing must be organised and executed according to a set of rules.

These rules are so severe that educational institutions incorporate them into their curricula.

These publications or guides define the rules and requirements necessary for the practical completion of any written exercise.

You can find web pages devoted to effectively communicating the principles of academic writing with a short Google search. Nevertheless, many institutions have their style guides.

Patterns in the Standard Academic Style versus Informal Writing

Here are several distinctions between informal writing and typical academic writing:

Contractions — in general, contractions are permitted in academic writing; but excessive use will dilute the essay’s integrity. When you examine academic writing, you will see that contractions are frequently used to make a point.

Technical Terms — Your audience must always be considered when writing for academic purposes. If you are writing exclusively for a specialised market, your audience will grasp any terminology that would be lost on the general public. You should exclude all technical terms if you are writing for a broad audience.

Referencing Correctly — Excellent academic writing contains citations for every piece of information utilised to support the thesis. These should be suitably cited.

Colloquial Phrases and Clichés — creative writing, especially dialogue, will have character-specific expressions. These should not, however, be utilise in scholarly writing. For instance, it is imprudent to call Noam Chomsky’s contribution to linguistics “wonderful.”

Audience and structure are other differences between academic and informal writing styles. Concerning  the statement above, the audience of academic writing often consists of professors and other academics. On the other hand, a personal essay, the writer writes for non-academic objectives and audiences.

The organisation of ideas is another distinguishing feature of academic writing. In this style, thoughts are generally well-organise and arranged in a specified order within paragraphs and entire, detailed phrases.

These concepts, included in sections, are ideally related, whereas a personal writing style is less likely to adhere to a specific framework; hence, this style cannot achieve much coherence.

These are a few suggestions for anyone wondering how to improve their academic or creative writing. Follow these guidelines, and you will have the best chance of producing a well-crafted piece of art for any purpose.

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