Combined Home Decoration With Brick Siding

Brick siding

Any cladding has its own goals. This is beauty, pleasant appearance, image of the owner. Finishing materials insulate and strengthen the building, resist the penetration of noise and microorganisms. This is a good protection of the walls from various negative factors. Modern technologies and materials make it possible to accomplish this task with little financial investment. Decorating a home with brick siding is a great example. The material is suitable for those who respect rigor and conservatism in design.

Advantages of bricks and siding

Brick siding is famous for its modest weight: it simplifies the installation of facade panels, relieves the load from the foundation. They can decorate a wooden house that does not have a basement. The number of floors does not matter! In the hands of a talented designer or architect, the material becomes a convenient raw material for creative ideas. There will be no processing problems. Proper installation will create a complete illusion of finishing with real bricks, which are much more expensive. Brick siding does not need special care and maintenance.

The material is not afraid of microorganisms and has attractive strength indicators. The appearance of swelling or delamination is excluded. Siding is not afraid of bright rays of light, wind, precipitation. The material retains its original appearance for up to thirty years. And the limit of temperature drops can be more than one hundred degrees: from minus fifty to plus sixty.

Brick siding is produced in different color versions. The most common material is white, red, beige. Burnt, antique and combined are less commonly used. This raw material can be used to decorate not only walls, but also other details of the building: lanterns, towers, pipes. They are not prohibited from decorating balconies, fences and buildings in the garden. In an era of economic turmoil, a special advantage is an insignificant price!


Technologists have developed a number of types of material:

  • Plastic brick siding. Molds are needed for production. They completely copy the volumetric contour of the brickwork: they are filled with vinyl. The technology makes it possible to repeat even the appearance of roughness and minor defects that ordinary bricks have. This is the most popular type: it is cheap, easy to install. They can be used to revet the basement (basement siding is thicker).
  • Metal brick siding. Its weight makes it less popular in home construction. This type of cladding is more in demand in the industry. It is more difficult to fix, but it has perfect fire resistance. The range of colors is varied. The technology of cold rollers used in the manufacture. The surface treated with a thin layer of zinc, which increases strength and protects against corrosion.
  • Cement brick siding. Its production requires high temperature, cement and cellulose fibers. The material is considered to in demand and is actively used at various facilities. It is waterproof and durable, not afraid of heat and the sun, rotting and microorganisms. Its fire resistance and susceptibility to temperature changes are striking.

Brick siding can also be classified according to the structure of the material. It can be a material that obtained using different polymers (PVC with modifiers and additives). These additives prevent siding from lengthening due to temperature changes. An alternative is a polymer using a heat-insulating layer of insulation. Expanded polystyrene taken as a heater (it is much better than polystyrene). The material connected to the insulation using glue or hot technology.


Decorating a house with brick siding requires the creation of ventilation ducts. The gap should be approximately 40 mm. You can reduce the loss of calories by insulating the entrance places. The insulation can extruded polystyrene foam how to install vinyl siding, mineral or basalt wool. Vinyl and cement siding installed on a wooden lathing, galvanized profile. Metal brick siding mounted exclusively on a galvanized profile. You will need to cut sheets of material. Vinyl siding is easy to cut with a grinder, and to work with metal material you will need an electric jigsaw or circular saw. Cement siding cut with a special stone blade. Cutting starts from the perforated edge.

The profile lathing mounted with strong brackets (these are designed for drywall). The crate itself must be vertical. It is important to maintain a step: for vinyl – 0.6 meters, for metal – a meter. But the profile must be at the corners. To fix the panels, you can use galvanized nails, self-tapping screws. Doorways, slopes are subject to finishing. It is important to maintain a single plane during installation! At the initial stage, a starting mounting installed: it will set the ideal horizon line.

It is important to know

Metal brick siding has a protective film that preserves it during transportation. All work is not a difficult task, you can do it yourself (without having special education and skills). But it is important to remember about safety precautions, use a flooring, do not work in strong winds. The season is not important. But if you have to deal with glue, then the temperature regime must comply with the instructions. An excellent option is clinker tiles. The material perfectly imitates real brick, it also made of clay. The only difference is the thickness!

Brick siding in the design of the basement 

Owning their own house or summer cottage, people want it to look beautiful and elegant, so many want to make a unique cladding of the house. Currently, the market provides a choice of material for this. One of these materials is brick basement siding. It finds application in the formation of a standard brick exterior.


Brick panels previously used only when closing the plinth due to the prohibitive price. Now such material is available to almost everyone. Manufacturers of these panels are developing all new technologies that make it possible to obtain numerous types of textured elements for house cladding.

Brick siding has certain distinctive features:

  • Used when finishing the basement or the whole house;
  • The thickness of the elements designed to withstand mechanical damage;
  • Partial use in conjunction with conventional siding is possible when sheathing the entire surface of the house;
  • Cleanliness of installation operations;
  • Various colors are possible (brown, red, yellow, white brick).
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