Did you lose your job? Do you want to become independent? Do you have your own client portfolio? Are you interested in working at your time? Do you want to be your own boss? Keep reading, this information is for you. 

Working as a mortgage broker is one of the most attractive job options for many people , since it allows you to work independently and at your own pace, within a constantly growing sector such as the mortgage; where in addition, the earnings are thousands of pesos.

As in any profession, anyone who aspires to become a mortgage broker must meet certain skills to successfully enter the stock market, among the most prominent we can mention: 

  • have mathematical analytical skills
  • have commercial skills
  • know how to work in a team
  • have basic financial and computer knowledge
  • know how to make decisions quickly and on time
  • have knowledge of micro and macro economics
  • know how to deal with pressure

In addition, the mortgage professional must commit to investing their time to grow in the business and above all to keep up to date on financial matters, this in order to achieve their goals and obtain great professional and economic benefits.  

Thinking about the requirements that need to be met to become a broker, we have created mortgage training courses for all those who want to get involved in the stock market and be part of the mortgage sector. 

At the Mortgage and Real Estate Training Institute  through our e-Learning platform, it provides you with the tools and information necessary to prepare for the mortgage certification,  the best thing is that you can prepare at the time you decide, advancing at your own pace , remotely and responsively, with updated, interactive and playful courses; created especially to cover the necessary skills you need to obtain to be the best mortgage broker in the country.

Get closer to some of our executives, they will provide you with all the information you need to enroll in the course, don’t think twice. 

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