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Broken Glass Is No More A Headache: Here’s All You Need to Know


A pebble from a lawnmower tossed against a window, a heavy object drops down on a glass-topped coffee table or a vase may be tipped over by your children, there are endless scenarios that can lead to cracks or breakage of glass. A small crack in glass can often be fixed, but if the glass is broken into pieces or has larger cracks than an inch, it becomes pretty much irreparable.

Before you opt for replacement of your building windows or glass walls, think of building glass repair. Depending upon the type of damage and the broken item, you may repair it instead of throwing or replacing it. Apart from those that are too delicate and complex, some of the broken glass can easily be repaired all you need is time, patience and skills.

Clean breaks on crockery, chips on tabletop and shelves can easily be fixed using adhesives. Glass repair kits are easily available in the hardware store, auto parts store or even in the automotive section of the departmental store.

Steps on How to Repair Broken Glass? 

  • Clean the broken side of the glass with water and soap, removing all the dirt, dust and fingerprints and let it dry.
  • Prepare a solution of adhesive (vinyl or resin) on a piece of cardboard and apply it immediately on the cracked parts of the glass using a brush or knife or a toothpick.
  • You can apply masking tape on the rest of the glass so that adhesive does not get stick to others. Or you can use thinner or acetone to scrape out the access adhesive on the glass.
  • At last, polish the glass to get that smooth and glossy finish.

In this infographic below, we have provided a brief knowledge on how broken glass can be repaired, what all things are required, how to evaluate broken glass and about glass spraying for a perfect finish.

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