Black Hat SEO Techniques and Why You Should Avoid It

black hat seo

All those who love SEO, keywords, and the technical side of digital marketing will be familiar with the term Black Hat SEO.

It is crucial to understand what it is and the techniques involved. This type of practice could cause a lot of work to be lost due to the penalty imposed by Google. It is possible to lose months of optimization and positioning work if you make a mistake.

What is black hat SEO?

Black-hat SEO refers to a variety of inept or incorrect techniques that are used to bypass Google’s guidelines and achieve faster positioning. These techniques, even if they achieve the odd result, are often penalized and considered a high-risk option.

These “traps” are becoming more common as Google spends a lot of time looking for unethical practices, and penalizing them in various ways. It is becoming riskier to deceive search engines and users.

Many techniques can be used to hack search engines, and more are being used every day. But, we will only talk about the most popular.


This is creating a website that is optimized for search engines but which users are unable to access due to its content. Replacing this website with another website that is readable by the user, but that cannot easily be crawled by search engines.

One of the rules for ethical SEO marketing states that pages must be identical to users and search engines. Also, they must have the same content and allow the web to track and be used by visitors.

Keyword stuffing

This happens when a keyword or keyword is used multiple times on a website to increase its visibility and speed. Also, this is Black Hat SEO. According to Google standards, the web content must be consistent.

The fact that the keyword is used over and over again can affect the content and make it less valuable for the user. reader.

Hidden text

This is writing text that contains the keyword multiple times and makes them difficult to read. You can use techniques like putting the letter in the same color as the background or adding a layer that blocks the user from reading the incoherent text.


It involves using text to create many copies, changing some terms for synonyms, and having identical content in all. The user is not provided with any value. Because it can be found easily, this technique is becoming more and more penalized.

Over-optimize Anchor text

This is done by creating content that has many internal or external links. It indicates to search engines that the content aids users in navigating faster and visiting other websites.

This technique was not allowed before Google started to penalize content with too many external and internal links for spam. Also, to be ethical in SEO, anchor text must have a measured optimization.

Negative Search Engine Optimization towards the Competition

These practices are more concerned with the competition rather than obtaining good positioning results or web traffic.

Negative SEO is the discrediting of the competition through negative comments, unrealistic comments, and the spreading of incorrect information about these companies or businesses through the network.

Negative SEO toward the competition is using links already penalized and redirecting to the competition.

It is the deliberate practice of black hat SEO in the names of others. This type of technology is becoming increasingly illegal and Google assures that they will immediately remove it from their site.

It is crucial to be able to identify black hat SEO techniques

Sometimes you might make a mistake and go into one of the results looking for a particular result. However, it is not a good idea to keep them over time.

SEO is a long-distance race. It doesn’t always show results right away, which is why it is so expensive to do correctly.

Digital Specialists spend many hours and much time developing an organic and legal position. Google penalizes all of these actions. This is natural since it rewards a good job.

Always go for white hat and Ethical SEO services

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