Best Coursera Certifications and Specialisations for Data Science Students


Are you a data science student looking for certifications and specialisations to bolster your CV? If yes, you should go to Coursera and check out their amazing courses. Our essay writing help experts will help you choose the perfect data science programme. Furthermore, we have compiled a list of some of the best data science specialisations and certifications on Coursera. These options will make you job-ready within a few months:

1. IBM Data Science Professional Certificate

IBM is one of the world’s biggest and most iconic tech companies. This might be the perfect certification if you want to kick-start your data science career. It has 9 courses where you’ll learn advanced Python programming and SQL to manage databases. You will also learn data visualisation and analysis using Python. This course focuses majorly on practical learning. Therefore, it not only imparts knowledge but also develops your skills, making you job-ready.

2. Data Science Specialisation by Johns Hopkins University

Johns Hopkins is one of the most highly ranked universities in the world, offering a data science specialisation, which can improve your CV. However, it’s important to note this data science certification is based on R, not Python. So, if you don’t know how to program in R, opt for some other Python-based data science certification or learn this language. It’s always good to learn new programming languages. Furthermore, this specialisation allows you to process and visualise data using machine learning models. Finally, you will also be able to create an advanced model to automate complex data analysis tasks after completing this course.

3. Modern Big Data Analysis with SQL

As a data scientist, you will have to analyse billions of GBs of data, often considered Big Data. This course is based on SQL and is offered by Cloudera, a highly reputable data science company.

This course covers using SQL to extract, analyse, and visualise large amounts of data. It also teaches you how to manage big data and load it into a cluster. This course prepares you for the Cloudera Certified Associate (CCA) Data Analyst certification exam. You also work on many sample practical tasks to improve your SQL data analysis skillset.

4. COVID19 Data Analysis Using Python

Instead of completing a course or certification, if you want to work on a data science project, you can consider this one. You will get access to a COVID-19 dataset. You extract and prepare the data first. Then, you analyse and merge the data to show how the spread of COVID-19 affects happiness levels in every country. John Hopkins University offers this project and dataset. Remember, you must code using Python and use data analysis and visualisation libraries like seaborn.

Practical Data Science Specialization

One of the best data science websites, deeplearning.ai, offers this specialisation. Here, you can build practical skills which will help you work on even some of the toughest data science projects. This programme only has 3 courses. But, the content is quite rigorous. Therefore, this course is only for students who have beginner-level data science skills. The course teaches how to analyse datasets and train machine learning models on a platform called AutoML. Moreover, in this course, users learn to use BERT to build, train, and deploy machine learning models. If you opt for it, you will have a much more advanced data science and machine learning skillset by the end of the course.

Fundamentals of Visualisation with Tableau

Tableau is another data analysis and visualisation software many high-profile companies use to analyse big data. This is a beginner-level course for students new to data visualisation or Tableau. It’s offered by the University of California, Davis. You’ll learn to use Tableau by exploring its dashboard and tools. After course completion, you will know how to visualise data in formats like treemap and line charts and import and prepare datasets. If you’re already familiar with Tableau, you can opt for more advanced courses.

Reinforcement Learning Specialisation

Besides deep learning and machine learning, reinforcement learning is a great data analysis, processing, and visualisation method. It solves artificial intelligence problems through a trial and error method.

The University of Alberta offers this certification, and it’s based on 4 courses. It teaches you how to implement adaptive learning systems. You’ll also gain advanced-level knowledge about Artificial Intelligence.

Applied Data Science with Python Specialization– University of Michigan

So, this specialisation is a part of the University of Michigan’s online Master’s degree programme. This certification is only for students with a strong command of data science. You will learn about common data science libraries, including pandas, matplotlib, scikit-learn, and networkx. You will also implement these tools on real-life datasets. This course is entirely based on Python. If you have expertise in R programming instead, you should skip this certification.

Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate– Google

This is probably the best data science certification you can opt for. It is offered by Google and contains 8 courses. This certification can make you job-ready in just 6 months. You will learn the cleaning, importing, extracting, analysing, and transforming data.

No significant programming experience is required to enrol in this programme. You will learn how a data analyst works and uses tools to analyse data and solve real-life problems. Once you finish the certification successfully, you will have great command over languages like SQL and R. You’ll also be able to use these languages to analyse and visualise data.

Choosing the right data science certification is not enough to land a high-paying job in a top technology firm. You should also perform well in college and score an excellent GPA to improve your chances. But, if you struggle to score high in your essays, we can help you. British Essay Writers offers the best essay writing help for a bargain price. So what are you waiting for? Place your first order today and get a 15% discount.

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