Benefits of Curtain Wall Spraying

curtain wall spraying

Exteriors of the building are essential to structural coherence while protecting the exteriors of the building from harmful and harsh outdoor elements. Curtain walls are used as the outer covering of the building for protecting it from inside and outside. These curtain wall systems are non-structural, lightweight and thin, usually made of aluminium and glass. Since they are made using lightweight material it reduces the construction cost. The use of glass as a curtain wall has the added advantage of allowing natural light to penetrate deeper within the building.

Curtain walls are designed in a way that it does not carry dead load from the building other than its own. There are many advantages of using a curtain wall system and curtain walling repairs that we will be discussing in detail.

Curtain walls generally fall into two basic categories based on the method of fabrication and installation- is Stick Curtain Wall System and Utilized Curtain Wall System.

Stick Curtain Wall System: In this type of curtain wall system, all the components including gazing panels are assembled, installed and connected together pieces by pieces on the structure of the building. This system is used in small regions for low-risk buildings. This is so because to reach higher elevations exterior excess is required. The system has flexibility for onsite real-time adjustments. The shipping cost in this system is comparatively low; however, the labour and time consumption cannot be underestimated, as it is quite high.

Utilized or Modular Curtain Wall System: In utilized curtain wall system, unlike stick system parts already assembled in the factory. All the components and panels are installed, connected and brought on-site from the factory as a single unit. Hence, do not require individual installation and are directly erected to the building. The size of the curtain wall system is proportional to the floor and floor height of the building. This system is popular for high rise buildings and does not require external help or support such as cranes scaffolding. Mini cranes or temporary hoists can complete the work. The system offers good quality and quick construction as parts as assembled in the factory setting and brought on site. Although, due to larger and better protection during transportation, shipping cost increases.

Benefits Of Using Curtain Wall System

The primary purpose of the curtain walling system is to keep air and water away from the building, this means it acts as both a buffer and an insulator. These curtain walls are easy to maintain, more affordable and last longer. Curtain wall refurbishment is also cheaper.

Although, curtain wall does not provide structural stability, but reduces the sway of the building overall. This makes the building more secure. The curtain wall also even out the stress of the building which means it can withstand high winds. The property of reducing sway is helpful for taller buildings as it makes taller buildings comfortable for inhabitants.

Additionally, it slows down the spread of fire between floors. As it acts as a barrier and prevents fire from easily transferring across the surface of the building.

Curtain walls as the ability to stabilize the temperature of the building within and this help in cutting down the operating costs of the building itself. It also helps in reducing the UV radiations and does not let the building fade or degrade quickly. It helps in improving the thermal efficiency of the building.

A curtain wall is a popular choice not because it has so many practical advantages but also because of its appearance. Maintenance and refurbishment are easy and affordable. The curtain wall spraying gives a clean, sophisticated and modern look to the building.

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