Artificial Intelligence: A Threat or a Blessing

Artificial Intelligence Robot

In 1950, John McCarthy developed the term artificial intelligence (AI) and was one of the founders of the technology. According to him, every aspect of human intelligence can theoretically be characterised so precisely it can be turned into a machine.

The AI founders wanted to get computers to speak, develop abstractions, understand concepts, solve issues, and after nearly two decades, the technology is there and is developing rapidly.

Artificial intelligence algorithms provide software with the ability to learn and make decisions. Using this outstanding technology, we’ve introduced software and applications that provide solutions such as personalised medical relief and AI writers.

As with everything else, there are limits to what technology can do, and some tradeoffs come with it. For instance, an AI writer cannot provide you with the law assignment help as a human writer would. Thus, it is important to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of artificial intelligence to see the bigger picture.

Pros of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Following are the pros of using AI technology:

1.      Human Error is Reduced

One of the significant benefits of artificial intelligence is that it can drastically reduce or completely eliminate errors. It can be trained to identify erroneous patterns or instances and taught rules to make decisions based on its findings. It can even involve human intervention wherever necessary.

2.      Fewer Risks

Another benefit is that the tech allows people to avoid many dangers by delegating them to AI-powered robots. Machines with metal bodies are resistant and can survive adverse atmospheres, whether defusing a bomb, going to space, or exploring the oceans’ deepest depths. They can also give more accurate results with higher responsibility and are less likely to wear out.

3.      AI is Quick and Saves Time

One of the pros of AI is that it offers humans some work strategies that save time and energy. For example, you are done writing a paper, and now you want to cite it but cannot find the correct page or search to cite. You can download software that helps you detect the paper you are looking for.

AI is used with other technologies to let machines make choices faster than humans. As a result, processes can be completed more quickly.

4.      The Continuous Availability

AI never sleeps or rests, whereas the human body and mind require rest to perform at their best. This continuous availability, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with no gaps in coverage, can significantly improve productivity gains.

5.      Decisions Made without Bias

Emotions influence human behaviour, whether we like it or not. On the other hand, AI is emotionless, and its approach is efficient and rational. Artificial intelligence has a significant benefit in that it is free of bias, allowing for more accurate decision-making.

Cons of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Following are the cons of using AI technology:

1.      The Price Tags are High

It is no lie that prices for AI are higher than regular software. It is understandable because its complicated mechanism necessitates excessive prices. Aside from the installation cost, the cost of repair and maintenance is also high.

The software packages must be updated regularly to meet the changing needs of the environment. In addition, if there is a failure, the cost of procurement is prohibitive. As a result, healing takes a long time.

2.      The Software can Never Be as Good as a Human Writer

No matter how intelligent, a machine will never be able to replace a human. Machines are rational, yet they lack emotions and moral standards, making them inhuman. In the case of AI writing bots, when writing a paper, they will ensure it’s error-free, but it will not have the human touch to connect with the desired audience.

Therefore, when you need academic law assignment help, you can count on our writers, who work manually and dedicatedly on your assignments. It’s very easy to place your orders, and you can read the details on your website.

3.      AI is a Threat to Humans

Artificial intelligence (AI) poses a threat to our way of life. The public’s appetite for AI is low at the moment, and while we see little ‘proof’ of AI in our daily lives, this will alter as automation advances. We’ve seen how Ocado uses a network of robots to handle warehouses, and this scenario is fast spreading, potentially endangering millions of jobs worldwide.

While it may appear like replacing humans with more efficient robots is a significant benefit, we must question where this ends. WALL-E, a Disney movie, perfectly depicts this, presenting humans as couch potatoes who have wasted planet Earth. What happens to our identity once we’ve lost all of our jobs? What are our options? Is it ever going to be a viable option?

4.      AI Makes Humans Less Creative

One of the biggest cons of adopting and using AI technology is that it makes humans less creative. In the cases where professionals use AI, they tend to rely on the technology too much and not exert their mental facilities. And for high-performing teams, AI reduces human performance. All of this leads to developing insecurities, making humans less creative.

AI will grow more significantly in the coming years, surpassing human capabilities and intelligence. However, never forget that humans invented AI, and they are more creative. Wisdom and innovative thinking are still in demand and highly regarded in various businesses worldwide.

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