An Analysis of Billing Software over the Traditional Method

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In case you are starting your business or a small scale venture, managing the whole invoicing and billing scenario is definitely getting on your nerve. This particular domain is the core of the business, from placing a quote to submitting an invoice after the project is delivered to your client. On the other hand, as a beginner, the budget that you have is yet to grow to sustain a full-grown admin system for full tracking and dealing with office management. So, you end up being the one-man army juggling the whole system all by yourself. To solve all your problems regarding invoicing and billing, online service providers like Invoice Office are providing cost-effective, technology-driven, application-based software for online invoicing and billing.

So, as a beginner, you may ask, what is this internet-based invoicing and how is this different from the conventional method of invoicing?

Well, there is a common saying “Necessity is the mother of invention’ and that idiom is aptly relevant regarding this software. To cope with the merging speed of E-Commerce business ventures, the whole payment interaction system is also upgrading itself towards a digitized paperless interface. Where the conventional method would require extensive dependency upon the courier system and paper-based documentation, the digitized software for invoices is a centrally accessible and digitized application based and hence is multitasking in nature.

The main differences between traditional and digitized invoicing system are:

1.     Mode of invoicing and billing: Where the traditional method majorly depends upon manual creation of bills and invoices, generally by a group of staff, at the time of each new project initiation, the digitized version, as the name suggests, uses a digital interface for creation of the same. Additionally, this billing softwareuses standard formats for a professional approach.

2.     Management: The traditional method demands minute management over each step of billing and invoicing from quoting to receipt of the payment. Contrary to this, in the digitized version, the whole procedure is automatically saved in digital clouds or memory, which is fully controllable as well as accessible to the user from anywhere, anytime.

3.     Communication: In the traditional method, multileveled communication is built upon the regular document transition via the courier system. Additionally, the paper-based documentation system requires dedicated staff and archives to secure the professional project or deal records. In the software for invoices, the method of communication solely depends upon emails and SMSing. This feature is a time-saving, instant, and direct method of business communication that is compatible with today’s E-Commerce speed. Additionally, the records of the business deals are all kept in a 100% paperless version as digital archives.

4.     Reminders: In traditional methods, businesspersons need to track the status of their deals, quotes, even payment manually and repeatedly. In the digital version, the interface sends automatic reminders to your clients and tracks the status of quotes sparing you with more time to invest in the business. To conclude, if you wish to upgrade your business as per the competitive business market, online invoicing is the best tool, to begin the transition.

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