A Complete guide on bungee jumping activity in Goa

How to Book Bungee Jumping

What is Bungee jumping ?

Bungy jumping is another name for bungee jumping. It is a sport in which a person jumps from great heights while being attached to a large elastic string. The launching pad is tall structure such as a building or crane, a bridge over a deep ravine, or a natural geographic feature such as a cliff.

Bungee jumping in Goa 

Bungee jumping, a relatively newer adventure sport, is attracting daring souls from all over the world to this tiny Indian state. The Gravity Zone, one of the top bungee operators, is the place to be on your next Goa vacation. The Gravity Zone is open all year and is located near the well-known Anjuna Beach. Of course, this seemingly simple jump is not for everyone and requires a good strength and planning. So, first, let’s go over how it works and who qualifies for bungee jumping.

 Standard STANZ

STANZ, which stands for ‘Standard of Australia and New Zealand,’ is the international safety benchmark. It ensures that all crew members who work with bungee jumping operators are trained and supervised by international jumpmasters. As a result, the bungee trainers or masters on-site are trained in rescue drills and first-aid procedures. They are aware of and adhere to a number of international protocols established by prior to the actual jump.

Almost all operators take stringent safety precautions to protect the jumper from any harm. The equipment designed for and used during the jumping process is from reputable brands and meets STANZ standards. It ensures that the jumper’s safely remains the top priority.

Age and Height

Bungee jumping is appropriate for healthy adults over the age of ten. Individuals under the age  eighteen must be preceded by a parent. Before process a parent or guardian’s signed consent and required if not with an adult. People over the age of above18  to carry identification proof of age. Weight is also an important factor in bungee jumping, with the ideal range being 35 to 150 kgs.

Always remember that your required height for bungee jumping stretches from 50 to 73 m. above ground. It corresponds to jumping from the top of a 10 storey building. Separate platforms of different elevations can be formulated based on your choices and the kind of experience you want to have. Participants with cardiac problems and hypertension, as well as pregnant women, are not actually allowed to bungee jump for their own safety. Someone with a fractured body part, seizure disorders, breathing problems, or fear should also avoid this adventure sport.

What to Wear

When getting ready to go rope diving, dress up a light-weight t-shirt as well as comfortable, slightly elevated shorts or pants. Carry almost nothing your pockets because it may be lost during a jump and the companies will not be responsible. Please make sure that you are wearing enclosed footwear, like as sports shoes or floaters.

Prefer to wear shirts or other non-breathable clothing that may cause discomfort during the actual jump. Watches, stiletto heels, pyjamas, sandals, and jewellery are also prohibited.

How to Book Bungee Jumping

The Goa bungee jumping booking process is the simplest and takes only a few minutes. Depending on your preferences, you can book your bungee jumping slot online or offline. You provide your information for visiting Goa Water Sports. You call our toll-free number, which will connect you to our support.

All you have to do is send us your basic information, and our executive will contact you within 20-25 minutes of submitting the form. It is best to book your bungee jumping slot ahead of time, especially if you are visiting Goa during peak season. When you book in advance, you save money and get a better deal. So, don’t put it off any longer and book your bungee jumping adventure right away!


Trust your jumper

 Because the masters or jumpers who assist you with a jump are well-trained and aware of global procedures, you can put your trust in them without reservation. Talk to them about any questions you have, and they will gladly answer them. They are capable of handling situations in which visitors are nervous, and they ensure that you are both mentally and physically prepared to take the leap.

Take someone with you

 Whether it’s a friend or a family member, having someone accompany you to the platform will consider you feel more comfortable. When your loved ones are there to support and cheer you on when you go bungee jumping, it will be easier 

Safety Equipment

Because we value safety more than anything else. Our safety apparatus has been created by equipment experts and a team that strictly adheres to all safety standards. Following the legal and our quality management system ensure that the equipment is fit for use at all times.

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