6 Things That Make a Good Conference Venue Location in Dublin

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Are you planning to host a conference in Dublin? Next to the size, capacity, and suitability of the venue’s meeting rooms, the venue’s location is another significant factor that will make or break your event. A convenient location, with lots of interesting sights and activities, is essential to ensuring maximum attendance and engagement. 

In this article, we’ll list a few tips that might help you choose the best conference venue location for your future events, whether it’s for a formal corporate event or a laidback meeting. 

1. Ease of access and transportation 

Dublin bus

Check your attendees’ personal info and where they’ll be coming from. Will their commute from their home to the conference venue be fast and smooth? How’s the traffic situation? Can it be easily accessed by guests and vendors taking public transportation? 

No matter how elegant and spacious the conference venue is, your event won’t be successful if your attendees find it difficult to travel. Check the roads and transportation hubs nearby to ensure the venue’s accessibility. If you expect foreign delegates, it’s a must to find a conference venue near the airport for hassle-free accommodation and transport. 

2. City centre or outside of the city?


Picking a conference venue in Dublin city centre offers hosts and attendees a few attractive perks. 

Being situated in the heart of Dublin means your guests have the opportunity to explore the capital’s top cultural attractions before or after the event. These include museums, galleries, breweries, pubs, music venues, and night activities. It is perfect for foreign delegates who want to make the most of their trip to the bustling Irish capital. 

However, holding your conference at a slightly less central location is often the right choice. Such venues offer a quieter setting, allowing attendees to direct their full attention to the event. A variety of unique conference venues are tucked away from the hustle and bustle of Dublin but are close enough to the city with nearby transportation hubs for easy access. 

3. Cafes, restaurants, and pubs nearby


To keep your attendees engaged 100% during the meeting, never let them go hungry. Aside from providing snacks and refreshments, ensure your events venue in Dublin is close to cafes, restaurants, pubs, and bars. Guests might want to grab a cup of coffee prior to the meeting or a cold pint of beer afterwards.

Another perk of having a few restaurants and attractions nearby is it provides additional networking opportunities. Before or after the formal meeting, you may invite some guests over for a drink and build rapport through small talk and collaborative discussions. 

4. Unique conference venue in a historic location

Meet in DCU All Hallows Dublin

Aside from providing sumptuous meals, picking a visually pleasing and unique conference venue in Dublin may also help build a stronger relationship with your delegates. Skip boring meeting rooms and check out Dublin’s impressive event spaces that also tick all the boxes. These include flexible meeting and event rooms in a university, museum, gallery, cathedral, castle, and other historical locations. 

One example is a unique conference venue in DCU All Hallows Campus, based in the historic Drumcondra House. All Hallows Campus has 11 meeting and event rooms, including classrooms, theatre-style spaces, and a chapel.

5. Laidback meeting? Choose a cafe, restaurant, or pub

cafe conference corporate event

Not all corporate events call for a hotel function room with formal catering service or any traditional conference venue in a business district. If you’re having a small, informal meeting, consider holding a laidback yet professional conference in a cafe, restaurant, or pub. Just check if your preferred venue has all the basic amenities needed for your event. 

Choosing a quiet dining establishment is perfect if you plan to include meals in the meeting, especially if your appointment is quite lengthy. Just a few things to remember: standard lunchtime for most Irish businesses is 1-2 PM, usually consisting of sandwiches. A full meal is preferred if meeting with a business associate. 

6. Close to hotels and other accommodation options

Does your event run all day or over several days? Allow your delegates to relax at the end of the day without added travel by picking a conference venue with on-site accommodation. You can also look into conference venues in destinations with a good selection of hotels. 


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