6 Plants Work As Medicine Should Be In Your Garden

6 Plants Work As Medicine Should Be In Your Garden


Have you ever thought when there were no machines and these types of drugs (syrup, tablets, injection, etc), medicines how people get cured? Because diseases were at that time, but still people get cured sooner than now. It’s all because, at that time, we were totally dependent on natural resources. If I have to say in simple words, I will say Ayurveda. In fact, at that time, there were not so many diseases like today. But still, that time wound was so harsh.

There were no bandages, tube creams, and injections. But still, people get cured sooner than now, and in a few rupees. In fact, still, we use so many natural things that we call homemade remedies. Like if you get burned, mom applies turmeric on it. We have body pain or cough, mom gives turmeric milk. There are lots of things we use to cure diseases. Today, I will tell you how your garden will help you, to cure so many diseases. Don’t be confused, I am talking about the plants they should be in your garden. If these plants will be in your garden, you can treat so many diseases at your home.


I don’t think anyone here is unaware of tulsi. If we talk about India, you can see if there will be no plants but you will find tulsi at every Indian home. Nowadays, people order flowers online as a gift. But in ancient times, people used to give or send the tulsi plants. In the Hindu religion, people worship the tulsi. But it has so many medicines. Tulsi is boon for cold, sneezing, and cough. You can chew tulsi leaf if you have a bad cough problem. Tulsi is good for the stomach also.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera what to say about, it’s like one gets one offer. It doesn’t need so much care, but it benefits oh my god. Aloe Vera is bossing for skin problems. It helps to clear your skin, it cures the skin tissues. Aloe Vera is used on burned skin, it will give you such a relief. Aloe Vera is so much useful for hair also. It helps you to reduce dandruff and enhances the quality of your hair. Aloe Vera juice is good for the stomach also. So next time, instead of the flowers from the best florists in Bangalore, give it.


To grow mint is so so easy. It will be comfortable in so much moist soil as well as moderately moist soil. You can grow it in the pot or in the land of your garden. Mint has unlimited goodness. It is good for your mouth, for your stomach, and many more. If you have a foul-smelling mouth problem, just chew some mint leaves or drink it with water. You will so fresh and confident. If you will be nauseated, mint tea will be a master struck for you. So next time, when you will order for the cheap flower delivery in Bangalore. I mean, for your garden, don’t forget to order a mint plant with a flowering plant.


I am sure, you have heard a lot about it. If you have a bad cough problem. Just make a tea, when tea will start boiling add some thyme leaves in it. Let it be boil for sometimes, and take a sip of it. After sometimes, you will feel so relieved and refresh.

Lemon Balm

There are so many times when we eat a lot. And the result of this a lot is food is an upset stomach. At that time, you don’t need to lots of hard medicine or visit the hospital. Take one glass water and put it on the stove for boiling. After that, add 5-7 lemon balm leaves in the water. Let it be boil for 5 minutes. Now, strain the water, and drink two or three times a day. Your upset tummy will become a happy tummy. Now, don’t forget to Flowers bouquet, and some yummy foods.


Lavender is born with multiple goodnesses. If you have an anxiety problem or because of stress, you are unable to sleep. Just put some lavender flowers under your pillow. You can keep the chopped lavender flower also. It will make you feel happy and help you to sleep well.

Today, I tried to tell you about some quick healing herbs, which should be in your garden and home. I am so many at least, 2 or 3 plants on this list will be in your garden and your home. But you are unaware of its benefits. If these plants are not in your garden, then it should be in your garden.

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