6 Best Plagiarism Checker Tools for AI-Generated Text

AI content checker

Especially since the introduction of ChatGPT has made it very useful for many individuals to create and verify content. But with this, there comes many difficulties such as the authenticity of the content, which is becoming a growing concern for many. To tackle these concerns, there are plagiarism checkers for AI-generated text that are available to see the authenticity and quality of the content. AI has advanced in many ways and is being used by many industries to increase the productivity and efficiency of workflow. This AI-generated content was being used by many such as educational institutions, students, content creators, writers, etc. But now they need to check the quality of this generated content and for that tools like AI content checker are being used. 

In this blog, we will talk about the best AI plagiarism checker that is available in the industry to use and some of them are free to use and others are paid.

How to Detect Content Written by AI?

There are several ways to check if text is written by AI and the most common method that is being used is software. That can help in analyzing the various features of the content such as the formatting, structure, language, and the repetition of keywords. There are many tools that can be used to detect and check AI content. While some of these tools are trained and compressed models that have a limited amount of data and work well with English only. Whereas some of these tools are the largest and most powerful models that are used for ChatGPT with a multilingual format. And the best AI-generated content checker is discussed below.


This is one of the best tools to detect and check AI content, which is based on the GPT-3 that can help in detecting whether the content is being written by humans or machines. It analyzes the text and the performance of the content based on certain calculations and metrics like perplexity and blowout. This indicates the degree of confidence with which the tool generates the next phrases, and later shows how the perplexity changes over each piece of text. This then identifies the common patterns and the overall results contain a certain percentage of accuracy, which indicates the degree of confidence in the results. GPTRadar is a content AI checker that provides an API also, but a drawback of this tool can be that it is not free to use and charges a certain amount. 


Originally.AI is an AI-generated text checker and a detector that works effectively to determine if the piece of content is written by any AI tool. This interesting AI detection tool is designed by a team of researchers, content marketing, GPT-3 experts, and website buyers. And it allows them to detect plagiarism text, monitor the team activity, and see whether It’s not just a page and the content on the entire website is original. This content AI checker can also detect whether the content is written with ChatGPT or ChatGPT 3.5 and with the same accuracy as GPT-3. Originally.AI also offers an API that can be integrated to detect the AI content, but this tool is not free to use.


GPTZero is an amazing free AI content checker and uses the same technology that was used to develop ChatGPT but with the opposite goal of AI content detection. This tool was built to help educators to predict the AI written text and work on the perplexity to measure the randomness of the text. This tool also measures content prediction and content-based patterns, since it was trained on a large and diverse amount of human-written and AI-generated text. GPTZero is an AI content checker free to use that focus on the English language module and also offers an API that can be integrated with the system, but that comes with a price.


This is a popular AI text generator checker that is free and a reliable tool to detect AI-generated content. It analysis the text written by ChatGPT, Google BARD, or any other AI chatbot. And uses the DeepAnalyse technology, which is an advanced and accurate module that can detect the piece of content in depth. ZeroGPT has become so popular that it is widely being used by many educational institutions, content creators, writers, professional institutions, and more. Because of its reliability and is free to use with easy availability, making it convenient for multiple individuals to use. 

AI Detector Pro

This AI content checker, free and paid to use for content detection, works on an algorithm that is based on GPT-3, GPT-4, and BARD. Because these AI writing tools are the most popular and are being used by many. AI detector pro shows the probability of how the content is created and provides a detailed report. This shows the confidence level of whether the content is being copied or duplicated from another website and what is the source URL. This AI content detector highlights the sentences that are most likely to be generated with the help of an AI tool. AI detector pro also offers 30 additional tools, which makes it not free to use, and the price depends on the plan you choose. The free version of this tool offers only three reports, and choosing a paid plan that can be expensive but provides unlimited reports.


A free text AI checker tool that can detect AI-generated content and uses 6 different techniques based on AI itself, which results in high accuracy. It was developed with a training module with over a million datasets, which included ChatGPT and human-generated content. With multiple sources like news articles, Wikipedia, and more, this tool gives an accuracy of about 98%. Which results in authenticity and quality rate of the content to help the user achieve their goals.


It is nearly impossible to see whether the content is being written by an AI tool or a human. And is leading many industries to face difficulties with the quality of the content and authenticity. Because these AI content-generating tools gather the information that is already available over the internet or that is fed to them. To tackle this, a plagiarism checker for AI-generated text can be of major help as they can easily find the metrics based on different algorithms. There are multiple tools available that can be used and the above-mentioned are some of the best free and paid ones that work effectively and efficiently.

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