5 Ways to Boost Signal Strength Using Best Mobile Signal Booster

Mobile phones work on the network signals and it becomes very frustrating if your smartphone or laptop is facing several issues in receiving radio or network signals. Sometimes signal issues also occur in big and high-rise apartments and buildings despite being closer to the mobile tower. There are various reasons for the same, like infrastructural issues, dead zones and any technical glitch in cell phones or the range in which you are located. You can apply various tricks to get a good network on your phone including using the best mobile signal booster in your home or office. 

There are various tricks people use to improve mobile phone signal strength because lots of work is hampered if the mobile signal becomes weak or fluctuates. 

Here, for your convenience, we have listed the top 5 ways to enhance your mobile phone signal strength. 

Follow these steps to enhance your phone’s signal strength:

Toggle Airplane mode On and Off

Sometimes, smartphones fail to detect the best network in the particular region where you are located. It also depends on the roaming state or area if you travel a long distance from your local city. It kills your battery too because the device uses default network search. You need to update its features or software. 

One of the best ways to fix bad network issues on your device is to toggle Airplane mode On and Off. It is recommended to wait for at least 10 minutes once you activate your Airplane mode. Then, turn it off. This action on your device helps your phone to search for the available network nearby. 

You can access the Airplane mode by accessing the iPhone’s Control Center of your iPhone. If you are using an Android device, then browse the Quick Settings panel which can be easily available by swiping down the control panel. 

Reboot your phone

This trick may help you get rid of low or weak signal issues. Some, rebooting the device refreshes things and makes you normal by cancelling all the background running activities. 

Rebooting helps get rid of various technical glitches and you can apply this technique on any of your android and iPhone devices. 

Clean Your SIM Card or Get a New One

If you have been with your existing network carrier (SIM card) for a long time, it’s time to get a new one or clean the existing SIM card you have. 

If it is possible that your old SIM card is not upgraded to the latest technology on which the mobile tower is currently working. It may contain dirty or wearing down data that restrict mobile tower signals to catch. You can easily pop your SIM card out and clean the same or insert a new One. After doing these tricks, check whether it works for good mobile signals or not. If you don’t want to change your SIM card, use a cotton swab and clean your existing card. If it doesn’t work, replace it with a new one. 

Upgrade Your Smartphone or SIM 

Every SIM works on a specific functionality and technology like 3G, 4G, and 5G. They have different properties and catch specific networks from particular towers. Try to use a newer version of the SIM or smartphone and make sure that it is capable of catching networks from a particular tower. For instance: a 4G phone can’t catch the 5G network. For the same, you need to upgrade your device to the latest 5G version. The newer your phone is, the more efficient your carrier will be. So, it’s worth using a smartphone or SIM card that is compatible with a particular network available in your area. 

Install a Reliable Mobile Signal Booster 

If you have tried all the possible tricks for a smooth and reliable network, and are still facing low signal issues on your smartphone, then it is recommended to use a reliable and robust best mobile signal booster in your home or office space. There are various types of cell phone signal boosters available in the market. Choose the one based on its features, compatibility and credibility of the device. 

Signal boosters help the device catch good signals even in a weak signal zone. The installation and management are very easy for these signal boosters. Most of the signal boosters amplify all mobile networks. The price may differ from one to another based on the type of signal booster and the location like mobile network booster price in Delhi  or Mumbai varies a lot from each other.  


Good signal strength is the need of the hour because most of the tasks are done through smartphones and laptops. You can apply various tricks in fixing this issue like toggling airplane mode on and off, rebooting, etc. You can also purchase a good signal booster but you need to check its features while purchasing one for you.

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