4 Features About Twitter That Will Make You Use It Often


Twitter has become a very interesting Application in these 2-3 years, and it is important to know some features of Twitter.

You would never want to use some application that doesn’t benefit you or doesn’t entertain you, but as Twitter does both you don’t have to find another application to do both for you.

So let’s get started to know added features on Twitter and features that you will love.

Fleets as small stories

There are some moments in our life that we feel good about for a short time and not very long time, this feature is exactly for that.

You can share your short stories or seconds you live happy time on fleets.

Fleet remains on your profile for 24 hours and then disappears. You can also share your thought or anything you want but it will remain only for 24 hours.

It is very thoughtful of Twitter management to provide us with this feature.

You are on my list

This list feature of Twitter is something interesting to know about. It makes other people’s Tweets visible on your timeline without even following them.

And there are two types of lists first one is a private list and the second one is a public list, according to the person you are including in the list you can decide you want a public or private list.

If you have a public list the person you have included in the list will get notified about it and they can follow you or include you in their list.

It is a fun feature. By this, you can make new friends and increase your online friend circle.

Tag to get noticed

It is not easy to get noticed by someone you admire on Twitter, because there is a huge audience on Twitter but there is a way you can get noticed.

All you have to do is a tag. Yes, you heard it right. There is a feature called tagging, you can tag people on the image you are sharing. This will make the tagged people see your tweet and they might retweet or like your tweet.

You can only tag 10 people in the image tweet. And here is the time to be a professional Tweeter. You don’t always have to tag 10 people and not ever in every tweet you post. Only tag people who might be interested in the tweet you have posted.

Unnecessary tagging of people can be annoying and unprofessional. So enjoy tweeting and tagging. You can use tools like Circleboom to find the interesting tags that people are searching for in your business and industry. Checkout the Circleboom review to know its other cool features that would make your profile more interesting.

Delete my old chats

Many Twitter users have this question in their mind all the time “how to delete old tweets?”

It is really easy to delete chats but not in bulk. Twitter does not provide a feature to delete all the chats together. You will have to manually delete single chats.

You will have to tap and hold on to the message you want to delete and then you will see a dustbin icon there you have to click that icon and click on delete that’s it your message has been deleted.

Well, now you know how to delete old tweets so enjoy chatting and tweeting.


Twitter is not fun if you don’t know how to use it or how to manage it and also if you don’t have followers on Twitter it might be boring for you to tweet. So tools like Circleboom is hereto help you out with your doubts about the Twitter app. Circleboom is helpful if you are new to twitter; it manages your account and helps you to gain followers too. You have to try it when you have a long term goal to Twitter.

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